I was a little hesitant in starting the program however my initial fears and nervousness were temporarily overshadowed by the fact that I knew I could no longer continue to function in my situation.

Coach Christie was very warm, welcoming and knew exactly what to ask to help me and pull me out of my shell.

The sessions and subsequent course work were super effective, and I could already see changes and improvements by our second meeting. I would definitely recommend her/this program to anyone who thinks they have reached their limit mentally and is ready to give up, and to couples who are struggling as this has significantly improved my own relationship.

Thank you, Coach Christie!


Candace R.

Before starting my session, I felt like I was ok and didn’t need to talk to anybody about it.

For my initial session I went in thinking this was going to be a waste of time because I didn't need any help. But once I started talking, I realized I was holding a lot of negative feelings in.

Through our time together, I was able to release the negative and emotional bonds that were holding me.

I really enjoyed Patrice’s exercises. I was able to think deeply with my emotions and heal. I would definitely recommend Patrice Christie.

Thank you again.

Angila C.

I was a little anxious. I was not sure what would come of this. I have felt that I am an open book when it comes to most parts of my life and did not think that my past traumas affected me as much as they presented in the program.

After the first session I was ready for the next. It felt good to be able to release in a safe space. I felt like a weight had been lifted. It allowed me to see how this trauma that I thought I had dealt with was actually just covered.

Pulling back the cover pushed me to truly dig deep and get to the root. It reminded me how this affected how I deal with people and problems. I love that it not only focuses on the trauma but more of how to empower yourself. The homework that was given makes you focus on how to build self and move forward without apology.

I most definitely recommend this program, but only for those that are ready to be real, raw, and open.

Patrice pushes you and never takes no for an answer. She holds you accountable and only accepts your best. Patrice provided an environment where I felt safe to let my guard down and express my emotions.


Ryan J

When someone takes the time to analyze a negative experience, it speaks volume. And so I would like to share a few words that will give others a sense of the experience I obtained from this program.

Before I started the program I was filled with anger and rage while feeling unwanted, neglected, unloved and abused like I didn't even existed. So, when I started the program, I honestly felt like it was a total waste of time and energy as I had no level of confidence that would lead me to believe that anything positive could come from these sessions.

After completing all my sessions and this program I have since then felt like an entire chapter of my life has been re-written to the point where I can now face the world with my head held high and my conscience free.

I'm here as a living testimony that this program changes lives and for anyone that has issues that affects them mentally, physically, and emotionally I strongly recommend this program to everyone who has ever felt rejected because it has saved my life and with a few sessions your lives could be transformed as well.

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