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Get ready to be moved by Patrice Christie’s debut memoir, “Black Light,” an unforgettable story of resilience and transformation. When she migrated to the United States, Patrice had no idea that her journey would lead her down a path of uncovering a family secret that would forever change her life.

From the age of six, Patrice experienced multiple traumas that left deep emotional scars and a growing sense of hatred. Despite her struggles, she found a way to cope through humor and silence until she could no longer keep her pain hidden. As you turn the pages of “Black Light,” you will be captivated by Patrice’s powerful and heroic fight for her life and the future of her family.

Throughout the book, Patrice shares her journey of overcoming self-doubt and fear, and ultimately discovering her true self. With raw honesty and vulnerability, she invites you into the complexities of her life, offering a front-row seat to the transformative moments that shaped her. Her courage and resilience in the face of adversity will inspire you to embrace your own personal transformation with renewed strength and determination. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey of hope and healing.

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Black Light Book Cover

Meet The Author

As a masterful Life Coach, Patrice has made it her life’s mission to inspire and motivate individuals to attain their highest potential. With an innovative approach to coaching, Patrice founded Unveiling Destiny LLC, a revolutionary coaching and consulting firm that is dedicated to empowering clients to overcome their past traumas and unlock their true purpose.

Her journey to becoming a Trauma Support Coach is rooted in her own experiences of overcoming adversity, which fuels her passion to facilitate healing for others. Patrice is a 7-Star certified leadership trainer and renowned international speaker who has touched countless lives with her message of personal empowerment.

Patrice firmly believes that the only limit to our success is the one we place on ourselves. Through her work, she encourages individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the limitless possibilities of their future. Her unwavering commitment to helping others unlock their full potential is a testament to the human spirit and the hallmark of her extraordinary career.

Born in Jamaica, Patrice currently resides in the United States with her spouse and five children. In her free time, Patrice is an avid traveler, and her experiences abroad have broadened her perspective and enriched her work. She is also a passionate foodie who delights in discovering new restaurants and cuisines.

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$19.99 per print book + shipping

Black Light Book Cover