Six years ago this time, I was traveling in taxi’s, buses and occasionally begging others for a ride to and from work or the grocery store. I did not dear ask to be taken anywhere else. That was one of the hardest thing for me to do; beg others.

I only begged because I had to. I had bills to pay, three children to feed, one on the way and my spouse did not reside with me at the time. So yes, I swallowed my pride and did what I needed to provide for my family.

Those days felt like years and each time I had to ask I felt ashamed and embarrassed as the words awkwardly escaped my parted lips. Occasionally, I would feel relieved each time I was blessed with a “Yes” and would breathe the breath I held for what seemed like forever while awaiting an answer.

Six years later 4 vehicles sit in my driveway. Definitely not bragging, just showing you that storms are temporary. We just need to go through them to get the lessons before the blessings.

I was taught to remain humble as I elevate. That just because I have more than others it does not mean I am above them in any way. I also realized that nothing, whether good or bad, lasts forever.

Do not allow temporary storms to  throw you off course for where God is taking you. Success is not only on the other side of fear, but also on the other side of storms. Understand that all things work together for your good in the end.

I am grateful for all phases in my life and only regret not appreciating them earlier. I thank God for where I am coming from, where I am today and where my life’s journey will take me.

I hope this inspired you in some way to push through your storm. Share this with others who may need a little inspiration.

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– Patrice Christie

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