So my birthday was 5 days ago!!! Yeaay To 25 years on this earth !

My youngest son bought me chocolate along with other gifts . (Picture below)

He likes to explain his actions so he proceeded to tell me why he bought me chocolate.  This is how it went….

“I bought you this chocolate for 2 reasons. The first is because you said you like chocolate with the nuts in it (he pauses to decide whether or not he wanted to share the second reason. As if he was contemplating if his life was about to end).

The second reason, he said sarcastically, is so you could have one for everyone day you are on your period! 

I looked at him, but I didn’t get mad. I laughed,  a little, only a little. 

The joke is on him though because I’ve been on my period up to twice a day for the last 5 days and will remain on my period until these chocolate  goodness are done.

Can someone tell him he missed count. I need more chocolate 

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